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Founded in 1999, toXcel is committed to promoting and improving the safety, health, and well-being of people everywhere. We work with businesses, government agencies and communities to offer reliable scientific, analytic, technical, and regulatory services.

Headquartered in the Metropolitan Washington, DC region, with offices located across the U.S. and in the United Kingdom, toXcel brings worldwide expertise to challenging scientific issues in toxicology, environment, transportation, public health, and other domains.

toXcel News

toXcel’s Life Sciences team is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Vekalet Tek as our Senior Chemist

Vekalet brings over 20 years of experience in basic and applied chemical and toxicological research in academia as well as environmental regulatory affairs, particularly focused on human and environmental health effects of exposure to agricultural, industrial and household chemicals.


toXcel’s Bryan Katz and Pamela Kryschtal involved with VDOT Study on Driver Response to Dynamic Message Sign Safety Campaign Messages

Bryan Katz and Pamela Kryschtal were part of a Virginia Transportation Research Council Team that conducted a study for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to examine the effectiveness of non-traditional safety messages posted to dynamic message signs on roadways. These types of messages, such as, “Be on Santa’s Nice List – Drive Politely” and “Don’t be Tricked – DUIs are no Treat”  are meant to catch drivers’ attention. The study found that the signs are effective. Messages about distracted driving and driving without a  seat belt, messages meant to provoke a negative emotion, and messages using statistics are perceived to most likely change driver behavior. Read the final report and an NPR article about the study


Prenatal developmental toxicity studies on fumes from oxidised asphalt (OA) 

Chris McAlinden co-authored an article in the June 2021 issue of Reproductive Toxicology, studying the effects of fumes from oxidised asphalt on fetal development. Oxidised asphalt is manufactured in large quantities and mainly applied in water proofing, sealants, joint fillings, roofing applications and roofing products, such as shingles. The aim of this study was to generate hazard data, in particular prenatal developmental toxicity data, required by the European REACH legislation for substances manufactured or imported in quantities greater than 100 tons/year, that could be subsequently used for risk assessment and securing safe use of the substance which is the key focus of REACH. The article is available here at no cost through June 18, 2021


toXcel Included on Team Granted Eligibility for Federal Research Projects Aimed at Improving Emerging Vehicle Electronics Technologies

 toXcel is proud to be part of a team led by the Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) that has been granted eligibility by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to compete for research projects aimed at reducing crashes by evaluating how vehicle electronic subsystems can affect vehicle safety risk and what countermeasures can minimize that risk. Read more about this important work.


toXcel Featured in International Women’s Day Videos

Interim Director of Traffic Engineering, Erin Filler, P.E., was featured in a series of videos from engineering recruiting firm LVI Associates for International Women’s Day in March 2021. In these videos Erin discusses her thoughts on forging a gender equal world in 2021 and challenging gender bias in the hiring process. Visit toXcel’s LinkedIn page to view the videos.


Brexit is official, so how do you export to the UK now?

Now that the transition period has ended, the UK and the EU are two separate entities, with two separate regulatory systems. The UK has adopted its own version of the EU-REACH Regulation (UK Statutory Instrument 2019 No. 758) – it is exactly the same as the EU-REACH at the point of exit (31st December 2020), but any future EU updates will need to be made separately by the UK government. The actions required to continue exporting are the same, regardless of whether you are based in the EU or outside of the EU. Find out more here and reach out to Chris McAlinden with any questions!


The Latest QSAR Capabilities

toXcel is pleased to announce that we now have a contract with Leadscope Inc. which enables us to offer a number of QSAR Toxicity Prediction models including impurity assessment according to ICH M7.  Please reach out to Christine McAlinden for details.


in vitro Toxicology Updates

Chris McAlinden participated in the ‘Applied in vitro toxicology course’ jointly organised by the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) and the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT) – the course covered subjects pertinent to current regulatory, screening and investigative in vitro toxicology issues, as well as practical laboratory examples.  This experience will  contribute to the guidance we are able to provide for our clients regarding the use and acceptance of in vitro methods for investigative and regulatory purposes.