toXcel understands that outreach, education, and stakeholder engagement are critical components of a project’s success.  Research, tools, techniques, and other products are useless unless the target audience is aware that they exist and understands how to best use them.  Our staff is skilled in developing nuanced messages and selecting delivery channels that maximize audience engagement and galvanize action-oriented responses. We have a team of highly skilled facilitators who are able to lead meetings with diverse audiences to gather input on stakeholder needs and identify the best delivery channels for particular target audiences. toXcel staff are adept at working with graphic designers and web developers to develop engaging print materials, web sites, and social media channels to share information and draw interest from target audiences on a variety of topics include transportation, human factors, and public health.

Our staff also bring experience in adult learning techniques, with several staff members certified to teach courses for the National Highway Institute. In addition, we employ talented modeling and simulation developers who can develop realistic computer-based training tools that give the user direct experience in real-world scenarios.