toXcel’s highly experienced and multidisciplinary staff includes former senior government scientific and regulatory review managers, as well as regulatory affairs and research and development directors from industry. These leading consultants focus their collective professional talents to assist chemical manufacturers, formulators, pharmaceutical companies, personal care/consumer product manufacturers and suppliers, trade associations, law firms, and the food industry.

toXcel staff appreciates the importance of having a fundamental understanding of the health and safety risks of your chemical and product.  toXcel’s board-certified toxicologists are skilled at evaluating and characterizing hazard potential using the methods appropriate to your chemical, and presenting it to regulatory agencies.  We can review your available toxicity data, help develop studies to support your risk characterization profile, review literature, and develop a weight-of-evidence approach to delineate the toxicology profile of your chemical.

The documents linked below provide more information about toXcel’s life sciences capabilities in toxicology and hazard evaluation: