toXcel staff focus on deeply understanding people in order to assess and influence behavior to improve safety, mobility, health, and user satisfaction. Our human factors and usability expertise is based in diverse domains including cognitive and social psychology, engineering, and mathematics. We consider the human user to be an important element in all of our work, be it the evaluation of a technology, creation of a website, development of outreach materials, or the design of a research report for a client.

Experimental Research. Our multidisciplinary perspective enables toXcel to develop comprehensive research studies in the lab or field.  Our Mobile Research Laboratory allows us to offer clients a range of opportunities for data collection as we can conduct geographically diverse research using a driving simulator and sign testing capabilities to support our transportation work.

Stakeholder Engagement & Knowledge Elicitation We understand the need to develop effective research partnerships in order to ensure we are getting input from the right stakeholders. We are skilled at developing surveys, conducting interviews and focus group meetings, and integrating qualitative data with objective performance measures.

Data Science. Our staff brings expertise from mathematics, statistics, and other scientific domains to identify, manage, and interpret rich sources of data. We report findings using a variety of mechanisms including dashboards and data visualizations as well as technical reports that can be easily read and interpreted by a wide range of audiences.

Human Centered Design and Testing. Our staff are skilled in usability-focused techniques such as participatory design, contextual analysis, heuristic evaluation, and competitive analysis.