toXcel’s staff have significant experience supporting the U.S. Department of Transportation, State Departments of Transportation, and transportation research associations with projects on a variety of topics.

toXcel’s staff members are active in transportation research, with members serving in various roles for transportation-related associations such as the Transportation Research Board (TRB), Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), and National Association of Pupil Transportation (NAPT).

We have strong capability and transportation insights in the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Operations
  • Freight
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Vehicle Systems
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Human Factors
  • Health & Community
  • Data Sciences


toXcel’s Bryan Katz Speaks at NHTSA School Bus Event

On December, 1, 2016, Dr. Bryan Katz made participated at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) summit, School Transportation Safety: Thinking Outside the Bus.  Dr. Katz presented on two projects toXcel is leading for NHTSA: Camera Enforcement of School Bus Stop Arm Violations and Overview of Shoulder Belts in School Buses. Toxcel would like to thank Kristie L. Johnson of NHTSA’s Office of Behavioral Research, John Marshall, Director of NHTSA’s Safety Programs and Administrator Rosekind for the opportunity to present on these crucial research areas. Dr. Katz presentations are below. For more information and full video of the event, please visit NHTSA’s overvew of the event.

toXcel Connected Vehicle Demonstration

On August 30, 2016 toXcel organized a demonstration on how Connected Vehicle technologies will benefit emergency responders. This event, held at Penn State’s Larson Institute test track and in conjunction with the ITS Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic ITE Annual Meeting, featured two demonstrations: the Volvo Connected Truck and its automatic engine braking system and Southwest Research Institute’s Emergency Vehicle Alert application. Over 100 responders and transportation professionals attended the demonstration and rode in both the Volvo Connected Truck and in Southwest Research Institute’s vehicles to see up close how the alert systems worked. The National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) filmed the event and is providing the video to the left.

Thank you to NOCoE, Gannett Fleming, Volvo Trucks, Southwest Research Institute, Penn State, Pleasant Gap Fire, Tennis Towing, Skyline Technologies and WTI for all their help!