In 1999, Alan Katz assembled a team of experts dedicated to excelling in a full range of toxicological services. Alan is a board-certified toxicologist with over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food ingredients and supplements, cosmetic, and agrochemical fields. toXcel’s founding followed Alan’s extensive career in industrial research in chemistry, toxicology, and pharmacology, including working as a senior toxicologist with the US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs. toXcel’s North American (US) and European (UK) offices have worked closely to provide a coordinated regulatory resource primarily for private-sector clients for seamless development and execution of cost-effective regulatory strategies to enable export market expansion.

New Chapters

In 2014, Alan’s son, Bryan Katz, joined toXcel to expand the company’s capabilities to provide public-sector services in the areas of transportation engineering and research, human factors, psychology, public health, communications, and statistics. Bryan is a civil engineer whose consulting career has focused on transportation safety and operations. Bryan was inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial experience and decided to join toXcel to further enhance the company’s strong technical and project management skills and client-friendly culture. Since joining toXcel, Bryan has worked to build a smart, multi-disciplinary team to work on fun and exciting customer challenges in transportation and beyond. Bryan’s focus has been on investigating problems from different angles and recruiting talented staff in
complementary domains.


Alan and the toXcel management team have developed a corporate culture that focuses on putting people first. The scientific inquiry performed by toXcel staff has direct benefits to individuals, corporations, and society at large, promoting safety, health, and well-being. toXcel is also dedicated to its employees, who maintain a participatory and collaborative work environment, knowing that their work is valued within the organization and by customers. toXcel’s future will not be defined by growth in size but by growth in opportunities to learn, innovate, and problem-solve.